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About MLI

Legal Identity

Registration & Trade Mark

Market Leaders International is a Social Enterprise (Sosyal Girişim) registered under Number 25751 / 22996 in Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

MLI is generously hosted by Şanlıurfa Teknokent in their Research & Development Business Incubator by Teknokent General Manager's decision number 2020 / 287 on 29/12/2020.

The Trade Mark (Market Leaders International -- Social Enterprise) is registered under Number 2019 70347 in TURK PATENT VE MARKA KURUMU.

Logo & Name

Founders of MLI aim at exemplifying how refugees can be bliss to their host community; they derived their business’ name from a story in the Islamic history, the story of Abdurrahman ibn Awf:

When the First Muslims were persecuted in Mecca, they sought refuge in Medina. Supporters in Medina (Ansar) offered half their properties to refugees from Mecca (Muhajirin); some Muhajirin accepted support, others rejected it. Among those who rejected direct support was Abdurrahman ibn Awf, a successful merchant who lost all his properties in Mecca. Abdurrahman gently rejected the offer of Sa’ad ibn Ruba’e to support and asked Sa’ad to lead him to the market instead. Thereafter, the story says, the thousands of camels in Abdurrahman’s caravans shook the land underneath Medina that people thought it was an earthquake every time caravans returned.

Market Leaders International logo consists of two symbols: double-hump Camel and Omega; the colors used are also highly symbolic:

  • Double-hump Camel (symbol of the East and a reminder of the story behind the name “Market Leaders”) stands for the Silk Road which historically connected East and West and fetched prosperity to all the regions it passed through.
  • Omega (symbol of the West) stands for the ultimate end of something; Market Leaders International’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the efforts of  bringing East and West together; this East-West combination will eventually bring about the welfare and prosperity of the peoples in both sides of the world.
  • The combination of blue (symbolizing spiritual richness of the East) and orange (symbolizing material richness of the West) denotes the actual status of Turkey as bridge between both sides of the world.

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Mission & Vision & Core Values

MLI is an innovative social business model that works on the mitigation of Syrian refugee crisis on both Turkish economy and society, and on paving the way for Turkish and international businesses to take part in the reconstruction of Syria!
What is MLI Mission?

MLI mission is to contribute to the economic integration of Syrians under Temporary Protection in Turkey in a social business model that helps in mitigating the negative aspects of the Syrian refugee crisis on host community and to open entrepreneurial opportunities for Syrian and Turkish youth to take part in the reconstruction of Syria in the post-conflict era.

What is MLI Vision?

MLI envisions that refugee Syrian youth are equipped with universal work skills and experiences that accelerate the Syrians’ return to their homeland, and to build a bridge for international businesses to enter the Syrian market in the future as agents of sustainable socio-economic reconstruction and development.

How MLI Work?

MLI works towards their Socio-Economic goals backed up by four noncurrent assets:

  1. SMART social, environmental and human-oriented scope of work
  2. Internationally renowned Advisory Board for the best governance
  3. Ultimate transparency and efficiency in financial practices
  4. Trustworthy network of Turkish, Syrian and international socio-economic impact leaders
What are MLI Core Values?

MLI adheres to the universal human values with a special focus laid on:

1. Environment is the guardian of Mankind on Earth and it is the humans’ obliging duty to preserve Environment in their activities.

2. Advocating peace  and opposing wars is the only way to cure chronological social and economic problems of the world.

3. Female human fellows are the actual prosperity agents and therefore restoring their lost status needs a global awareness and actions.

4. Borders that hinder global unison and synergy, regardless of the form they hide beneath, need to be eliminated through involvement from all stakeholders.

5. Altruism is a sublime human virtue that needs revival through partnerships among all those who are concerned about the future of humanity.‏‏photo3.png
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Ulubağ Mah. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Blv., No: 289/109, Haliliye, 63290, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
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